The Roots Create Fruits

Imagine a tree, and let’s say that the tree presents our professional life that grows and develops in a way that we want or we just let it happen. On the other side, we can imagine that tree's fruits as our styling forms and the results of our daily work with clients in a confirmation ring, arena of grooming…those are the fruits of our tree... We are looking at our fruits, we are focusing on them and still we are not satisfied with their size, appearance, quantity... Sometimes we are angry because fruits of our work don't look like we have imagined them. In those situations we are usually focusing even more on them and we become unsatisfied with them... Actually, deep in that tree, deep in its root is the answer to our question „Why our fruits don't look like we want them to look? “

This beautiful metaphor has the main aim to take us to the root of styling as a goal or as a form that we want to achieve. Than, we actually have a problem, because everything is falling apart, hair doesn’t stand, we don’t know how to set the pattern or if we set it, we have a problem with a lack of hair on particular places. And then, in order to achieve standard in balance and golden ratio since we’re trained our eye for it, we chose alternatives and then….in the very end we’re not satisfied although we wanted, although we knew we could do it better….but something was missing….You have given your best, you have studied the body of a dog, you have understood the standard from the point of historical development….you have had a perfect picture which you wanted to materialize with a help of your professional skills and technique…and still something is wrong and you continue learning, expanding your horizons… or, do you ?

If we need bricks to build a house, we need hair for a haircut. You can have the entire knowledge of the world, but if you don’t have the material, you will not be able to tell the story you know and you’re ready for. Therefore, knowing hair types, their characteristics is relevant for a high-quality grooming and styling since they will effect through the process of bathing and drying, processes that are hiding a secret of success of an extra figure and styling or a total fiasco.

Therefore we continue, and before I open you pages of Passionate Poodle Course with a topic of understanding a coat of poodle, I need to know what you really know about it.

Answers we're looking for through this topic are the following ones:

  • What is the type of a poodle coat?
  • What is structure and characteristics of hair?
  • What is chemical structure of the hair?
  • What influences hair growth?

Since this is a very important topic and introducing us in a grooming and styling actually, it is important for me to know what you can tell me about this topic, so I can create my weekly lesson, with interesting details of my research and knowledge according to your real knowledge, correct interpretations or delusions