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Grooming is an art and profession like no other. We enter it from all walks of life and know that expertise can be attained throughout our careers. In this course, you will discover a new paradigm for learning, with an approach tailored to the individual, whether experienced or just beginning.

The Passionate Poodle Course is dedicated to those who seek the fullness of artistry and craft in the grooming world, those who wish to gain inner confidence and fulfill outward expression.

It is dedicated to you, the groomer.

I have had the privilege to study with some of the best groomers from around the globe, many specializing in certain breeds. Their experience and knowledge are deep within me. Through their influence, coupled with my own while competing, working, and judging at the highest levels, I have found a blueprint from which the most successful groomers among us have approached our breeds, our art, and our profession.

This blueprint and its underlying content form an essential "Must Know" to succeed as a groomer. It is specialized knowledge, helping create the foundation on which you can build toward the Free Flow of Excellence as an ultimate life goal.

It can work for you as it has for me.

I do not believe in shortcuts and instant progress. I have found a way to share my process of development, and in doing so, have sought to bring the grooming industry to new heights with a revolutionary online educational program.

Had I given you only tips and tricks, I could not be satisfied that I had helped you become a good groomer. Explaining the use of tools alone does not produce an artist. A foundation is needed to prepare you to achieve. Because sooner or later, the artist within you will start seeking its expression. And frustration can lead to someone with talent who lacks foundation leaving this amazing profession.

Creative success comes from a place of knowledge, of deep understanding, and an open mind. There are endless ways of expressing what we know, once we know it. And every day offers inspiration for learning.

I will teach you how to free your mind to showcase your unique talent and vision, to gain confidence, to let go the fears that can slow you down. I will mentor you every step of the way in a small, interactive and intense online classroom environment.

Together we will discover your passion, develop YOUR individual special talent that will set you apart in the salon and in the show ring. This is what will make you stand out from the rest... and create demand for your services.

If grooming is your dream job, what can prevent you from being the best of yourself? Only you, if you do not put into action that which will lead you to your dreams.

I invite you now to take this journey with me and discover your true, creative, confident self.

Come, let’s begin.


Course Curriculum

  Just before we start
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  Dr Eugene Yerusalimski: Importance of anatomy for groomers
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  Conclusion of the Chapter 1 of Passionate Poodle Course
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  Conclusion of the Chapter 2 of Passionate Poodle Course
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  Interview Dr Roger S. Pritchard
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Your Instructor

Sasha Riess
Sasha Riess


Jane Gallegher / USA

To call this class "Passionate Poodle" is an understatement. It should have been called the "Passionate Life" class. It was 7 weeks of enlightenment. I learned more about the world of canines during this time than I did collectively over my 17 year career as a professional groomer! That was the first surprise of the course! This class was certainly not limited to the wonderful breed of poodles which would have been more than enough! It was so much more powerful than biometrics, and history, and coat, and prep, and finish. The most important information was what I did not understand about myself as a grooming artist. That was the "biggest" and "best" surprise of this journey. Sasha gives credence and homage to the beauty and power of the passion of the human spirit which we sometimes do not recognize in our day to day life. This class was interesting, informative, emotional, and empowering. I see every dog differently now, as differently as I see myself. I always had a passion for the art of grooming. This class renewed that passion and raised it to another level because I now have a reverence for my new approach to life! Thank you Sasha. This was much, much more than a poodle class. It was a "Life" class.

Liz Hampton / USA

Incredible class! I hve been grooming for 20 years but had no formal training. I have gone to continuing education almost ever year to stay current and learn more. Taking seminars can be hit or miss for me with educators. This class was a total HIT for me! Sasha gave me such a strong foundaton with knowledge that I can only succeed! He has a common sense approach injected with excitement! His passion is contagious and I am giddy for the next class, eager for more! I would strongly encourage anyone that strives to be the best they can be in this profession to take his courses! They are worth every penny! Thank you Sasha for encourageing me to be the best me I can be!

Jodi Moreland / USA

This really is such a special class... I just loved it, and can't wait to do the hands on at Intergroom, in Secausus NJ, Apr 23rd! How exciting, to take my grooming, once again, to a whole new level.
Thank you so much Sasha, for all you have done for us, on this journey through your Passionate Poodle course. I will cherish all that I have learned from this, and most definitely will be taking advantage of the video library being available to the students, for a year after the completion of the program, I will for certain, be re-watching your live stream classes, over and over again. I am so glad all of those are available to us for a year after the program! What a great support net that is for us, your students!
This program not only impacted my grooming, taking me from a strong Intermediate competitor to a strong Open division competitor. This course, has given me a deeper appreciation for all things living, my day ~ how I perceive my day.. Sasha is a very, very special person! This course is far more than improving the grooming skill ~ he teaches you how to get in touch with you.. It's deep! But, so very special.. I feel blessed to have been part of this amazing ride, through the Passionate Poodle program, and definitely will enroll in the next class ~ whatever that may be. I know, if done by Sasha, it will take my learning once again, to a whole new level that I didn't know existed.
I love especially, how Sasha stressed to be unique ~ he stresses, being yourself is enough! What an amazing instructor ~ simply an amazing experience, in it's entirety! Life-changing!
I can't say thank you enough Sasha!
You ROCK!! ♥ xoxo

Angela Anderson / NZ

After 12 years of grooming, and always striving to better myself with further education, I often find that any training I do only helps to verify what I already know.
Not so with Sasha's class! Every week there were many things I hadnt learnt before and many "Aha" moments when things suddenly fell into place.
Sasha's passion for what he does is infectious and he strives to make us the best we can be and to instill a sense of self satisfaction in our work.
I would highly recommend this course and I cant wait to see what he has on offer next, because I will certainly be in on it :-)
Thanks for everything Sasha.

Constance Caldas / PT

It is difficult to put into words the passion that Sasha has for his subject, his teaching, and his students. I have never before been given so much (knowledge, heart and soul) by any teacher. This course is extremely comprehensive and covers not only every aspect of the poodle (structure, history, standard, and all aspects of grooming)but an entire philosophy of sensing, realizing, and creating.

Sasha teaches us, not to become a cookie cutter replica of him (although that would be a significant achievement), but through our learning to recognize and have the confidence to allow our own individuality to shine through our work/art.

Thank you, Sasha, for reminding me to live in the moment and to see what is possible. Open scissors, open mind INDEED!

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BioMechanical Model and Harmony in Dog Structure
Dr Evgenij Yerusalimsky

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